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Meeting management tool that helps you create clear agendas,
optimise time spent in meetings and determine next steps.

A Clear Agenda

When everyone has the agenda’s detailed topics at hand, you spend less time getting distracted and more time getting things done.

Preparation Time

Create a clear agenda in just a few clicks and get everyone on the same page by adding an Agendalink to your meeting invite.

Who does what by when

Assign action items with our task manager so everyone knows what they need to do, and when they need to do it.
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Everything you need for more productive meetings

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An effective and focussed workflow for every meeting

Stop wasting time sharing information that could have been done in advance. Get everyone laser-focused on discussing what really matters so every meeting brings valuable outcomes.

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Measure your progress meeting by meeting

Update your Agendalink with all decisions discussed for visibility and alignment within the team. Then, assign action items with the task management tools so nothing slips through the cracks.

All your agendas in one place

Find and manage all your agendas in one place. Always keep in view what was discussed and decided during previous meetings.

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What our customers say

As a project owner, my goal was to optimize. Agendalink’s formula not only made it easy to keep the meetings straight to the point but also saved me and my team a lot of time and effort. It keeps everything in one place and everyone on the same page. A tool I would definitely recommend to every project manager.

First I took over project supervisorship I was overwhelmed by the number of meetings. It was a challenge to find the time for actual work. Then I learned about Agendalink. With the process it provides I was able to structure the meetings better, make them more productive, and save myself plenty of invaluable time.


Fuel your meetings

Collaborative Agenda

Skip the long email thread madness. Create customizable meeting agendas that everyone can seamlessly collaborate on, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Meeting Outcomes

Create a checklist of decisions to keep everyone on track during meetings. Then, share decision outcomes in just one click to keep your entire team aligned after the meeting.


Easily keep track of all tasks with visibility on what needs to be done, who is responsible for it, and when is the due date so everyone has automatic clarity on their next step.

Meeting Templates

Sales call, business monthly overview, one to one’s… Some meetings often follow the same structure. Create templates for each type to save time and ensure consistency within the organisation.

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