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Need clarification?

How many team members can use it?

You can have as many users in your Agendalink account as you want. You will get 100 FREE meeting from the beginning for your team.

As soon as you reach 100 meetings – we will let you know before!

Are my docs private? Are they safe?

Agendalink build on Firebase technology. In a nutshell, Firebase security is enforced by server-side rules.

How much does Agendalink cost?

You can pay as you go, just 50 cents per meeting.

Also, you can prepay your account if you using Agendalink for your business and get an invoice.

Can I have an invoice?

To get an invoice, you need to prepay the meeting bundle. Just for 50 cents per meeting.


What our customers say

As a project owner, my goal was to optimize. Agendalink’s formula not only made it easy to keep the meetings straight to the point but also saved me and my team a lot of time and effort. It keeps everything in one place and everyone on the same page. A tool I would definitely recommend to every project manager.

First I took over project supervisorship I was overwhelmed by the number of meetings. It was a challenge to find the time for actual work. Then I learned about Agendalink. With the process it provides I was able to structure the meetings better, make them more productive, and save myself plenty of invaluable time.

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